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The Experience

How can I be sure I’ll create a home I love – and how do you make it fun?!

Buying a new home is a fun and exciting time, but it can also be stressful and overwhelming! We take a lot of that stress away by creating a personalized Design Concept based on the information we collect about your lifestyle, design taste, personalization goals, and target investment range. This preliminary concept gives us a good jumping off point to discuss color and how items interact with one another. From there, it only gets easier!

When do I start the Design Studio Experience?

After you sign your Agreement of Sale with your New Home Sales Specialist, you’ll be issued a Home Start Date. Your Selection Appointment will be held 12-16 business days from that date. Prior to that appointment, we’ll connect with you for a 30-minute Welcome Call. Your Finalization Appointment will be held within 12 business days of your Selection Appointment.

What’s next after my Design Studio Experience?

After your Design Studio Experience, there may be a short waiting period…but don’t worry! Our team is hard at work securing permits, scheduling labor, ordering materials, and more. Your Neighborhood Sales Specialist will touch base to schedule your Mechanical Orientation once your home is framed and under roof.

When will I know my settlement date?

This is a great question and most new home builders don’t issue a settlement until 4 weeks prior! After completing your Design Studio Addendum, we’re able to provide you with a 4-week settlement date range. Settlements always take place on Fridays. You’ll know the exact date around the time of your Mechanical Orientation, which is roughly 6-8 weeks advance notice!

Open Houses & Appointments

What should I expect from my Open House visit?

Our Open House is informal and gives you a chance to explore the studio and start getting familiar with the range of included and available personal choices we offer, along with the types of decisions you’ll be making for your home. While we won’t be discussing specific investment amounts, we recommend taking notes during your visit and relaying preliminary interest items back to your Neighborhood Sales Specialist, so they can create a wish list of those high-value items for your new home.

How do I make an appointment?

Once you’re signed up to build with us, our team will send instructions on how to schedule your appointments using our online booking system. You can choose the length of your Selection Appointment – we offer 1-hour, 2-hour, or 3-hour time slots.

What should I expect during the Welcome Call?

The Welcome Call is an informal conversation and opportunity for us to introduce ourselves and get to know you better! We’ll ask questions about your lifestyle, design style, and personalization goals. Based on your feedback, we’ll create a Design Concept to use as a baseline for your first in-person studio appointment, the Selection Appointment.

What should I expect during my Selection Appointment?

In our opinion, this is the best part! We’ll start by reviewing your Authorization Plans and giving a quick orientation on electrical considerations to work on ahead of your Finalization Appointment. We’ll review the Design Concept we prepared based on discussions from our Welcome Call. You’ll share feedback on your Design Concept and we’ll explore alternate options as needed – making changes in real time based on the direction you take us! You’ll leave this appointment with a very good sense of what your new home will look like, and a list of preliminary selections and corresponding investment levels.

What should I expect during my Finalization Appointment?

You’re in the home stretch now! We start this appointment by addressing any electrical questions or additions based on the consideration list provided at your Selection Appointment. We’ll review each design selection and color and collect a 25% deposit on anything you do choose to add through the Design Studio.

Can friends/family join me at my appointments?

We know you want to share this exciting experience with your friends and family and get their advice and support. Friends/family members are invited to join you for your Selection Appointment or an Open House event, so together you can enjoy exploring the many included and available personal choices. The Finalization Appointment is strictly reserved for contracted purchasers only. This gives you the opportunity to get advice prior to making decisions, as well as the freedom to make your own decisions without outside interference.

Can I bring my Realtor to my appointments?

Your Realtor is invited to join you for your Selection Appointment or an Open House event, so together you can enjoy exploring the many included and available personal choices. The Finalization Appointment is strictly reserved for contracted purchasers only. This gives you the opportunity to get advice prior to making decisions, as well as the freedom to make your own decisions without outside interference.

Can I bring my children to my appointments?

Your children’s safety is our priority. The studio contains many heavy and potentially sharp objects. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the safety of your children and recommend you make childcare arrangements. Further, you’ll be making important decisions at the studio that will affect you and your family for years to come. Think of this as a special day out and come prepared to fully focus and enjoy this unique experience. You’ll be glad you did!

Can I bring my pets to my appointments?

For the safety of your pets, visitors, and our team, we cannot accommodate pets. There are many heavy and potentially sharp objects in the studio which could jeopardize your pet and others. Service animals are permitted.

Design Studio General FAQs

Who will I work with at the Design Studio?

Katie and Stephanie work as a team so you’ll have not one, but TWO great certified design consultants helping you create the home of your dreams! That means double the attention to detail, double the suggestions, and double the amount of expert advice.

Where is the Design Studio located?

We’re located at 1549 Manheim Pike, Lancaster PA. There is no overhead building sign but we’re located between Miracle Ear and Lancaster Home Brew. Look for the sign on our front door!

What are your hours?

Appointment hours are 9am-12pm and 1pm-4pm Monday-Friday. We do not offer weekend appointments.

Making Selections

Do you have the products I want?

We have a large selection of included and available colors and materials to choose from. We work closely with our trade partners, suppliers, and manufacturers to ensure we’re offering a wide range of the most requested, reputable design elements for your new home – and we’re always researching and introducing new products! For a sample of what we offer, explore our online catalog.

Can I see my choices before I sign a contract?

Absolutely! You are welcome to join us on select Wednesday evenings 5pm-7pm at an Open House event. Click here to register. Once you’re under contract with us you’ll have two private, in-person design studio appointments – your Selection Appointment and your Finalization Appointment.

What happens if I don’t love the selections I have made?

No stress if you change your mind after your first appointment, it can happen! We can make changes and tweaks to the design of your home through the end of your Finalization Appointment. Once you authorize your Addendum, any modifications are subject to our Late Change Request procedure.

How long do I have to think about my preliminary choices?

We generally recommend scheduling your Finalization Appointment 1-2 weeks after your Selection Appointment. This gives you ample time to consider your choices.

Budgeting and Costs

How do you help me stay within my target investment range?

During your Welcome Call, we’ll also discuss your target investment range. This helps us understand the types of options to explore at your appointment and helps guide you to options that keep you within that comfortable range.

Will there be surprise costs?

We have lots of tools available to help you be as prepared as possible – including our online video series, the online catalog, and our Open House events. Using these tools along with the General Description of Materials and Specifications will help you understand the included features for your new home and the options that are available through the Design Studio.

Do I have to make an additional deposit if I add options?

Yes. At your Finalization Appointment, we’ll collect 25% of any additional options you choose to add.