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Advantages of Engineered Hardwood

Ryan Commerce from Indoor City reviews the advantages of engineered hardwood.

Today, hardwood floors still have the highest perceived value of any type of flooring that you can select for your home.

The timeless quality of hardwood floor, the elegance, and the sophistication really it a wonderful choice for homebuyers.

Different Visuals

  • Widths
  • Finishes
  • Wire brush
  • Different types of scraping techniques
  • Character inherent in the wood


  • Strength and durability
  • Finishes that allow for the aluminum oxide and the nanotechnology, making them more scratch-resistant and dent-resistant
  • Dimensional stability, especially when exposed to swings in humidity and moisture content
  • They do provide some scratch resistance – perhaps not 100 percent scratch-proof, but much better than years past
  • Warmth underfoot

Engineered hardwood floors are a beautiful product that will last a long time and look great in your home for years to come.

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