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Cleaning and Maintenance of Carpet

Heather Vance from Indoor City explains how to clean and maintain carpet.

All the carpet choices at the EGStoltzfus Design Studio are pretreated with stain-resistant fibers.

Our Recommendation
We recommend that you vacuum your home as many times a week as there are persons in your household. So, if two people live in your home, we recommend vacuuming about twice a week. You’ll remove the dirt and soil that come in on your feet and improve the longevity of your carpet.

We also recommend that you relocate your furniture occasionally to prevent the normal wear and tear and traffic patterns that result when you have the furniture set in the same spot all of the time.

Removing Stains
If a stain does happen, scrape up as much of the stain as possible. Use hot-water blotting, putting hot water on a wet rag and blotting the carpet.

If you cannot get the stain out, try any of the carpet cleaners you can obtain here at our showroom or at your local grocery or hardware store. Any of those are going to be safe to use on your carpet.

Professional Cleaning
We also recommend professional cleaning every 18 to 24 months to improve the longevity of your carpet. We recommend that the cleaners use hot-water extraction, not steam cleaning, to pull the dirt and soil out of your carpet and lift the fibers.

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