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Engineered Hardwood

Stephanie Lachance from EGStoltzfus presents the advantages of engineered hardwood.

Engineered hardwood offers some of the most beautiful wood visuals available on the market.

Depending on your lifestyle, engineered hardwood could provide the performance you are looking for in your new home. We generally recommend it for households with smaller pets, no pets, older children or only grown adults.

How It’s Made
Engineered hardwood is manufactured using a top layer of wood veneer with multiple layers of plies underneath. The grains are glued opposite one another, preventing movement and allowing use of wider, longer boards. Those wider, longer boards are less likely to warp or gap due to temperature or humidity changes.

How It’s Installed
Engineered hardwoods require a tongue-and-groove installation, with a moisture barrier between the subfloor. Most EHW can be touched up with a miniwax color match stain kit.

Great Performance in Use
Through our flooring supplier and installer, Indoor City, we have installed over one million square feet of engineered hardwood. And, over the years, we’ve had fewer service calls about engineered hardware than about any other flooring material.

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