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HVAC Benefits of Upgrading

Stephanie Lachance from EGStoltzfus and Rusty Ressler from Ressler and Mateer talk about the benefits of HVAC enhancements like high-efficiency, two-stage furnaces and zoned systems, T8 programmable thermostats and wi-fi capabilities.

EG Stoltzfus includes a 95% efficiency furnace with the purchase of every new home. For upgrades, we offer two 96% efficiency options, a two-stage furnace and a two-stage air conditioning unit with a T8 thermostat.

Why Two-Stages?
A two-stage system is a benefit year ‘round. In the fall and the spring, when you don’t need as much capacity. For example, running a furnace on the low setting saves money and continuously mixes the air within your home, adding comfort and getting rid of those hot and cold spots. The high stage kicks in when it gets cold outside, giving you added capability to meet the changing temperature demands.

96% Efficiency, Two-Stage Gas Furnace
Upgrading to a 96% efficiency, two-stage gas furnace with a variable-speed blower motor will not only save you fuel energy costs but will provide added comfort with the variable-speed indoor blower motor.

Other benefits:

  • Added comfort. The system is smart enough to know whether it may need a high setting or a low setting. The high stage will determine how much cooling and/or air you need throughout the home, adding more comfort most times up to the second story of the home.
  • Even temperatures. There’s always going to be a temperature differences, but we do our best to balance between floors. Zoning will help with that, adding comfort to your home, keeping the floors close to the same temperature.
  • Greater control. Our included thermostat will allow buyers to control the fan speed and temperature. The customer will not have to do anything other than function the thermostat. It is a programmable thermostat, so it will be able to set programs like a vacation mode. The furnace will take care of all the other settings, whether it’s communicating with the thermostat or whether it’s communicating with the outdoor unit.
  • Greater fan control. The variable-speed fan will adjust according to the needs of the system. You can, however, use the continuous fan speed setting to have additional air circulating through the house to help with temperature control, or just to feel the air moving.

Two-stage AC unit with T8 Thermostat
The great benefit of a two-stage outdoor air conditioner is the added comfort through the air conditioning season. The high stage comes on during the 90 degree-plus days, to add cooling capability of more cooling. Other benefits:

  • More savings, less humidity. The system will run on the low stage 90% of the time, not only delivering the air conditioning feel, but also reducing humidity.
  • Greater control. The T8 thermostat will give you more flexibility and more fan-speed options. It will also have wi-fi connectivity, giving you the opportunity to connect with the system, using either a phone or an iPad—a great feature for on-the-go families.

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