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HVAC Fresh Air Exchange

Stephanie Lachance from EGStoltzfus and Rusty Ressler from Ressler and Mateer explore the health benefits of adding a fresh air exchange and explain how these systems can improve indoor air quality.

As an option, EGStoltzfus offers a fresh air exchange system that brings in outside air to make the air you’re breathing fresher and cleaner.

Bringing In Fresh Air
On average, Americans spend 90% of their time indoors. And over time, indoor air starts to get stale, retaining smells and other odors that come from cooking and living in a house. A fresh air exchange system takes that stale, indoor air and pushes it outside, replacing it with fresh air.

How It Works
The system has a series of dampers and a big filter that will clean the outdoor air. The system mixes the indoor and outdoor air, filtering and cleaning it, without losing any of heating or cooling in your room air. It will keep everything fresher in your home.

The fresh air exchange is located right beside your furnace for easy care and maintenance. Its filters will need to be cleaned periodically—a one-inch filter that needs to be changed twice a year and a larger filter that needs to be cleaned every few years.

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