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HVAC Humidifiers

Stephanie Lachance from EGStoltzfus and Rusty Ressler from Ressler and Mateer discuss the health and comfort benefits of adding a home humidifier.

EGStoltzfus offers the option of purchasing a home humidifier on any home with a basement.

An installed humidifier on the central duct system adds humidity to the air, improving indoor air quality and providing relief from the static, dry eyes, and sinus problems that happen in the winter.

Save Energy
A humidifier will also allow you to set your temperature a little lower. By adding humidity to the air, you’ll feel better at a lower temperatures than you would without humidity in the air.

Less Hassle
Many homeowners already buy standalone humidifiers that plug into a normal wall socket. But these require adding filtered water constantly and deliver uneven humidification at best. Adding a humidifier to your central air means that you will help you not have to purchase and maintain standalone units.

How It Works
A whole-house humidifier is attached to the return drop of your heating system and adds humidity to the heated air flowing through the vents.

You set the desired humidity, allow you to feel that nice, warm, and also moist air through the house, that it alleviates the dry skin.

During winter months, if you find your eyes are dry, you’re using more lotion on your hands, or your skin feels dry and crawling, you’ll want to consider adding a whole-house humidifier.

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