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HVAC Multiple Zone Systems

Stephanie Lachance from EGStoltzfus and Rusty Ressler from Ressler and Mateer discuss the benefits of adding multiple zones to your home heating and air conditioning system.

EGStoltzfus includes a single-zone heating and cooling system for your new home but offers the option to upgrade to a multiple-zone system for all two-story homes or ranchers with a finished basement.

Improving Comfort
Adding a zone system to your home improves your overall comfort. If your home has two stories, a zoned system will provide a thermostat on the second floor and a thermostat on the first floor, allowing you to control the temperature on each floor independently. With a rancher, you’d be controlling the temperature on the first floor and the basement level.

A lot of people like to have their bedrooms a little cooler than the rest of the house when they’re sleeping. Adding a zone will give you that flexibility on the second floor. You’re not able to do that with a single-zone system.

How Does It Work?
We use a damper-controlled zone system that saves on space. And is available at a lower investment level than adding a secondary system.

You get a thermostat upstairs, a thermostat downstairs and greater comfort throughout the system.

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