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Luxury Vinyl Tile

Stephanie Lachance presents the luxury vinyl tile options EGStoltzfus offers.

Luxury vinyl tile, or LVT, is a manmade alternative to tile flooring and is a great choice of bathrooms, laundry rooms and even kitchens.

How It’s Installed
LVT is installed un-grouted and glued to a Lauan underlayment for wood subflooring on what we call a brick or half-lay. That means each tile lays one half-over the tile below it.

How It’s Made
LVT is manufactured under heat and pressure by applying a visual wear to the material core backer.

Your LVT Options
As you move up through the tiers, the wear layer and appearance of the LVT improve. A thicker wear layer will make your floor more scratch- or dent-resistant.

How It Performs
Unlike traditional tile floors, LVT isn’t as cold or hard underfoot. LVT won’t chip or crack if a heavy object is dropped or slammed against it. However, a sharp or heavy object, such as an appliance can scratch the surface of the floor.

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