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Porcelain Ceramic Tile

Katie Herbine from EGStoltzfus discusses the advantages of porcelain ceramic tile.

Create a sophisticated and upscale feel in your new home with porcelain tile.

Your Choices
Available in the lower tiers, we offer a square, 12-by-12 tile installed on a straight or stacked lay. When you move up through the tiers, you get access to new sizes such as larger-format, 12-by-24 tiles and varied textures. 12-by-24 tiles will be installed on a half lay, which can make your space feel larger and less blocky or commercial. All tile is installed using an approximate 3/8-inch grout joint.

How It Performs
Tile is a hard material, not easily scratched. However, if a heavy object is dropped or slammed on the tile, it may chip or crack. Tile can feel cooler underfoot in the winter months and may become slick when wet.

Your Choices
Some options have what we call full-body color, meaning that the color goes the whole way through the tile, so a scuff or a nick on the surface won’t be as noticeable on these higher-tiered options.

Tile floors are a beautiful and timeless option for your new home.

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