Beat the Summer Heat with these A/C Tips

Summer is here and we’ve already experienced lots of hot and humid days here in southcentral PA! So let’s talk about how you can better balance your home’s air conditioning in the summer months between your first and second floors.

Mike Hockenberry, EGStoltzfus Director of Residential Construction and Customer Service, shares these tips:

Air Filters
One of the first and most important steps you can take is to make sure your HVAC system’s air filter is clean. Having a dirty air filter can stop the flow of air and prevent your equipment from working at maximum efficiency.

If you have an unfinished basement with vents in the supply duct, it’s a good idea to close the vents in the summertime.

On most two-story homes with a single-zone air conditioning system, the thermostat is usually located on the first floor in a central location. Set your fan to ‘on’ or ‘circulate’ during the summer. This helps move the air throughout your first and second floor.

Supply Registers
Make sure the supply registers that are near your thermostat are partially closed, so you don’t have maximum air conditioning going to the thermostat.

For second floor rooms that you use often and want to keep cool, make sure your vents are totally open. And if you have any small rooms that you don’t use often, you can completely close those vents. This allows more air to go to the rooms that are used heavily.

Ceiling Fans
If you have a ceiling fan on the second floor, you want the blades spinning so the air gets pushed down. This will help circulate the air between your first and second floor.

If you have direct sunlight coming into your windows, it’s a good idea to keep the blinds or curtains closed.

If you follow these helpful tips, you should experience a better comfort level throughout your home!