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Tips for Watering Your Lawn During the Dry Season

We’ve had several weeks of dry weather here in southcentral PA and it’s safe to say that lawns are having a tough time staying green!

Mike Hockenberry, our Director of Residential Construction and Customer Service, shares some tips to help your new or established lawn survive days, or even weeks, without steady rain:

#1 – Water your lawn well and often. Don’t just wet the top of the soil – use a sprinkler for about 15 minutes on each area until your entire lawn is properly wetted.

#2 – It’s best to water in the morning or evening. Watering in the middle of a sunny day can have a negative impact and cause lawn burnout.

#3 – Check for uniform water distribution across your lawn. Look for dry spots to prevent dead grass from appearing. And avoid wet spots which can drown out young turfgrass or lead to disease issues.

#4 – Water more frequently besides driveways, sidewalks, buildings, and other hardscape features. They reflect heat, which can dry the turfgrass.

#5 – Be extra intentional about watering banks as water tends to run off, which can cause the bank to not get enough water.

#6 – Water new shrubs and trees one to two times a week. They need 1 to 2 gallons per watering. And trees need 3 to 5 gallons per watering.

Here’s to keeping your lawn healthy this summer!

Date: 6/6/2023